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MIG Welder(IGBT)
 Product Description :

NBC-ID Series IGBT Digital CO2 MIG Welding Machine

n    Product characteristics

    Adopt DSP full digital control technology and has good dynamic characteristics and excellent resistance to fluctuation of power grid

    The machine adopts single tube IGBT inverter technology, thus having high power and reliability;

    Two functions of DC gas shield welding and MMA;

    Equipped with a touch control panel, 2T/4T shifting function, the machine may set welding parameters accurately, therefore, it can be operated flexibly and conveniently and may decrease the labor intensity as well;

    It has buttons for arc-ending current, arc-ending voltage and induction regulator, allowing excellent welding performance;

    It may weld sheet metal or those with thickness of 0.8 mm or thicker;

n    Applicable ranges

    It can be widely applied for welding of automobiles, motorcycle accessories, furniture of steel and wood and light steel structure, etc;

    The machine may weld low carbon steel, high strength steel and plain steel.

n    Standard

    Europe gun: 15AK (3m)

    Air pipe: Internal diameter Ø8 air pipe 3M

    Hose clamp: 6-12

    Complete set of earth clips: 300A, 16MM2, 1.5MM, KPD35

    One CO2 decrement gauge: 36V

n    Options

    Welding head: 200A

    Complete set of welding heads: 2.5M, 16MM2, KPD35

Technical parameters



Power supply voltage

Single phase AC 220 ±10%, 50Hz

Rated input voltage (kVA)


Rated output current (A)

50 ~ 200

Rated output voltage (V)

15 ~ 24

Duty cycle


Power factor (ŋ)


Type of wire feeding

Push type

Wire feeding speed

2.5 ~ 13 m/ min

Diameter of welding wire

Ø0.8~ Ø1.0mm

Enclosure protection class

IP 21S

Insulation class


Recommended air pressure (MPa)


Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm


Weight (kg)


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